Trends and Strategies in Creating B2B Marketplace

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March 11th 2023

What is a B2B Marketplace?

A B2B marketplace is a digital eCommerce platform or software that enables businesses to safely interact with other organizations and conduct business all in one location defines a B2B. B2B eCommerce marketplaces are similar to traditional B2C platforms in that they are where businesses buy and sell goods, typically in large quantities, and create sales circles.

The purpose of B2B marketing is to create brand awareness, traffic on the website, Lead conversion, and customer engagement these aspects are achieved through newsletters, images, videos, blog posts, etc. 

The Business to Business marketing content tends to be more informational. Content refers to the marketing of products/services to other businesses. Some B2B companies offer IT service providers such as Hubinit, Saas, Ashrefs, etc.

What are Sales Circles? 

Sales circles are similar to the sales cycle, the key difference is that the sales cycle is perceived as shrewd. A sale circle is a quotable and tactical process that salespeople follow to turn a lead into a customer. A long sales circle is a marketing method that gives a business a chance to develop a deeper relationship with its customers to build trust and discover the needs that they have. 

Strategies on How to Create a Longer Sales Circle:

Implement a good funnel paid search strategy

 This ensures that accurate keyword searches are completed. You should target keywords for people conducting research and present an ad to stand out from competitors. 

 Align content and offerings with progressions within the long sales circles

Provide an ongoing thought of leadership and education such as webinars, and events. This can also be achieved by integrating the content with promotional offerings such as social media ads. This can then scale back on email marketing once a sales lead becomes a SQL (sales qualified lead). 

 Focus on qualified leads

Develop leads with problems you can fix. Choose leads that specifically fit your consumer profile. You can exclude those whose needs and problems don’t align with those of your current clients and who don’t belong to your key demographic. Your marketing campaigns ought to bring in long-term leads. Think about using CRM software to identify qualified leads. In order to have more time for various stages of the B2B sales cycle, a CRM system can assist you in concentrating on leads that have a better likelihood of becoming customers.

Take action by making the experience personalized and relating with each prospect

This can be achieved by having a brand ambassador or the face of the company such as CEO, Eric Burnik of HubinIT, CEO and founder, Brent Grinna of Evertrue, etc. The company can then add personal touches such as images or videos for all teams to show how diverse the company is. 

Leverage social proof

You must take advantage of social proof’s potent influence if you want to acquire your prospects’ trust. Using your current client base is the finest method for establishing new connections. Referrals are a source of high-quality leads, and they can assist seal a deal more quickly when prospects discover that their peers are happy with your good or service. Use your customers to refer you to their peers if they can attest to the quality of your goods or services. Employ case studies, reviews, and customer ratings in your cold emailing and content marketing campaigns. On your website and in your brochures, include client testimonials.

Study common behaviors and adjust changes

Data analysis can achieve this aspect through A/B testing to better identify behavior patterns. The utilization of SQL can assist in this analysis to better understand the customer and close deals. 

Create a personalized experience for each prospect

When you compile a generic pitch that doesn’t solve the problem statement the relationship with the client can in most cases be “shaky”. However, a personalized sales process such as target emails can strengthen the relationship between you and the client.

Keep an alignment with the sales and marketing squads

In some companies, sales work independently from the marketing department, yet both these aspects are intertwined. The key aspects are marketing and sales leads, should these aspects not be aligned the company can lose its objective for longer sales circles and generating sales leads. 

Embrace automation

Automate each and every task that is possible. CRM software has previously been tied to supporting customer service teams by aiding them in managing marketing campaigns, identifying sales possibilities, and storing customer information. When connected to your workplace, communication systems, and email accounts, it saves all of your correspondence with the customers.

B2B marketplace sales circle trends:

Value proposition

Some companies’ focal point is centered around features rather than value. To convert sales leads into longer sales circles and SQL the customers’ pain points, goals, and challenges this should directly influence differentiators and better improve lead generations. 

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Data collection is an essential tool, this focuses on high-value customers. An effective ABM delivers a strategic alignment between sales and marketing efforts.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

B2B must generate qualified leads and improve the performance rate. The main aim is to convert buyers into sale leads. CROs are a great marketing campaign that better understands what are the key elements to make a customer convert and map out strategies for a better overall marketing strategy.

Chatbots for lead capture and support

The improvement of chatbots can increase on-page lead conversion, start sale conversions and improve buyer satisfaction by providing immediately accessible support. They are often integrated with marketing tools such as Slack, and HubSpot and easily installed on websites.

YouTube and video marketing

This aspect can generate brand awareness and build a community around the brand and boost social engagement with an established audience that can create an alternative lead pipeline. 

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