Tech Start-ups Strategies in B2B Marketplace (Sale Generation)

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April 1st 2023

What is a B2B marketplace?

A B2B marketplace connects buyers and sellers in the business world so they can conduct transactions. Business-to-business (B2B) refers to transactions between businesses, hence the marketplace shopping experience must satisfy the supply and acquisition requirements of businesses.

B2B marketplaces for businesses can be global (like Amazon Business), vertical (like SupplyCore), or horizontal (like Alibaba), each of which offers a selection of products with varying degrees of similarity (e.g. used goods, like thredUp).

The e-commerce platform facilitates transactions that are carried out on a digital marketplace to purchase services such as IT services such as HubinIT, and are carried out between businesses.

Tech start-ups in B2B marketplaces

A tech startup is a company whose purpose is to bring technology products/ services to the market. Business to Business startups are companies that sell products or services to another company. Another term used is enterprise startups, which provides a service in technology for B2B environments, meaning selling to technical audiences. The sale process for tech startups tends to run from several weeks to many months depending on the complexity of the service and its overall impact on an organization.

Strategies for B2B tech startups

Create useful Blog posts

This ensures visibility for the company and creates an increase in brand awareness, increasing traffic to the websites.

Email marketing

This growth strategy uses a potent tool that should be used. This can assist by acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, promote and upselling your products. By creating a setup for email lists and collecting the emails so they are utilized for the lead magnet. The lead magnet is a marketing term for a service given away to gather contact details. This generates leads by offering a long form of resources in exchange for a prospect’s contact details.

Set up referral programs as one of the B2B marketing strategies

This helps to tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing. This is an effective strategy to maximize the success of your marketing channel by implementing this B2B marketing strategy will increase the number of sales leads, and boost revenue and customer base.

The Usage of PPC

This strategy is effective once there is a clear understanding of the target audience and what they are searching for in successful paid ads. This ensures increased brand awareness and accelerates growth, this can be shown by international sales and cultural differences which will indicate diversity and inclusivity such as HubinIT with their workers being diverse.

B2B lead generation for tech companies

The problem faced by tech companies in generating leads is the complexity of the product/service. Below are some strategies:

Determine the ideal customer profile

This ensures the key questions in marketing are answered:

What are the challenges faced?

The target market

This strategy can prevent companies from facing ineffective marketing and can be detrimental to the reputation of the company. To prevent this, consider broadening your target scope and defining the key prospects is important.

White papers

Providing quality content such as an eBook, as an offer for download on the website. Then capture the data and utilize email marketing.


Providing educational feedback on the company is a great way to capture contact info to further reach out. This can be more effective with well-known guest speakers touching on certain aspects such as the future of AI and businesses.

Trade shows

This strategy is a great way to generate leads from potential customers. This allows prospects to learn more about the company and set appointments.

The future is technology and the industry is growing rapidly. IT companies need a steady flow of leads to keep sales.

The lead generation process

Being familiar with your target audience.¬†Which is created by a buyer’s persona or profile of the people in your ideal customer base.

It is helpful to learn about challenges and pain points so you offer relevant solutions within Blog posts and on landing pages.

Creating lead generation campaigns

Produce content assets

Producing valuable content will help prospects solve their problems. This type of content attracts inbound traffic from people who are keen to learn more about the service provided to resolve problems.

High-quality content like whitepapers can generate leads through lead capture forms on websites.

Content upgrades are free pieces of content that you give away in exchange for an email address. Such as whitepapers or high-value assets. To determine what types of leads to offer as a content upgrade, the most common questions and challenges people have when evaluating solutions e.g. a blog post on social media management tools more info on pricing plans and features before making a purchasing decision.

Implement an aggressive content promotion strategy

Sharing it on social media and emailing it to your list of subscribers. An effective way of email marketing. Which is an outbound strategy there are. This model works by sending targeted offers to subscribers at the right time for them their business needs.

Use paid ads

This is an effective strategy and it is based on their interests and demographics such as selling software that helps businesses run their operations.

Participate in tradeshows and webinars

The opportunity to talk with prospects one on one about how your product or service can solve their challenges.

Run a referral program

Offering your best customers incentives as they refer your business to potential customers. Bonus discounts and other perks as part of the incentive.

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